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This is the area where some of the most dense and busy Hong Kong shopping malls are located. MTR exits D1, D2, D3 and D4 will deposit you around or inside Sogo, the landmark meeting point Japanese department store (tel: 2833-8338, com.hk) where big names like Salvatore Ferragamo (GF), Gucci, agnes b, Miu Miu, Anna Klein, Armani, Calvin Klein jeans, Burberry, Chanel and Brooks Brothers Fleece, hobnob comfortably with esoteric niche brands like Helly Hansen (sportswear from Norway, 4F), and Evisu (casual young fashion, 3F).

I wanted open communication with my parents and I wanted their concern. I spend a lot of time with him to get to know him better." In a career spanning more than 30 years, she won the hearts of audiences in the hit 1992 TVB drama Vengeance, where her character Hoi Chiu went from innocent girl to scheming woman bent on revenge.

Telecoms services and 'travel matters' remain the biggest sore items.

There’s no denying that the retail experience here is arguably one of the best and most varied in Asia.

I recall being turfed out of a Mongkok camera store 30 years ago when I first arrived in Hong Kong because I had the temerity to ask to see the Nikon I was supposed to be buying.

"You show me money," was the stock counter response.

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